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SuperCase company is a pioneer in the field of importing and distributing computer cases and power supply units.

Established since 2003, with headquarters in Athens, SuperCase has achieved to develop and build a stable commercial network towards retailers and wholesalers. Differentiated by the rest of the competition, due to its solvency, consistency, competitive pricing, extremely low failure rate and seamless after sales support, it is regarded a pillar in these product categories.

Staying ahead of the rest, it updates it’s portfolio on a regular basis, renovates the design of their models and upgrades it’s power supply units to the up-to-date demands of the actual consumers.

Supercase has advanced and evolved greatly throughout the last 15 years, and has re-invested all the trust and faith of our customer base, again back to the company. As such, we now have updated our product line, have introduced industrial, minimal cases with water-cooling support, optimal air-flow, wide support for graphic cards and motherboards, enhanced the thickness of our premium chassis, equipped with glass-panels all our cases and introduced the Eco-RGB fans that support 256 colors and are self-controlled.

Supercase’s Power Supply Units (PSU) have been updated to match the latest technology standards, and have undergone a huge revamp.

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